Property Insurance in the state of Florida

Protect your building and everything in it.

Your property is built on an actual foundation that is intended to support the structure – and the Ostrom Group, LLC builds your insurance coverage on the same kind of solid, peace of mind. It’s insurance that covers the company building, equipment breakdown as well as all the contents owned by the company. It provides broad protections to commercial property owners, and the Ostrom Group, LLC provides it at competitive prices. If you live in a high risk flood zone, we have commercial flood insurance to extend the coverage of your commercial property insurance.

Cover all your property.

Property” for companies can include a wide variety of events and spaces, from lost income and interrupted business to equipment breakdown, and buildings and their contents: computers, valuable records, research, and even money can be insured against loss.

Our insurance agents can help you determine the best coverages and additional options to extend your typical liabilities.

Commercial property coverage is a must for business.

The Ostrom Group, LLC offers commercial property insurance that can protect your business in Vero Beach, Florida, and surrounding areas – whether from a small liability claim to a major financial disaster, whether you own your building, lease your offices, or work from home, commercial property insurance is the best way to protect your business assets.

Answers to your questions.

What if a fire destroys your office, or your warehouse, and all its contents? What if a pipe bursts and damages your servers, documents, and records? What if a hurricane or tropical storm tears the roof off your business? You want to be sure you have a business to come back to if you’re forced to rebuild, and that’s where commercial property insurance helps secure your future. If you live in areas that are prone to flooding, the Ostrom Group, LLC can help you determine whether additional commercial flood insurance would benefit your security.

Secure your business.

The Ostrom Group, LLC can help secure some of the most important parts of your business with commercial property, including your building and signage; your office furniture and business equipment; your inventory and materials; research; your fence and exterior landscaping; and even other peoples’ property, like that of your employees or clients.

Coverage options available:

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