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Expert Witness Policies

Professional Liability Coverage

In your professional career, you may be called upon to be an Expert Witness in different legal proceedings. This could encompass a very broad range of situations or scenarios, and likely no one else involved in the trial could verify what you say to the different questions that you would be there to answer. As such, you are opening yourself up to potential trouble from parties whose trial doesn’t go the way they think it should have. Many medical professionals have the mistaken view that their current liability insurance will cover them in these instances of being an Expert Witness. Unfortunately, in many cases, this isn’t true, and that’s where you need to have a special insurance policy for the times that you will be an Expert Witness in a court case. Come to us and find professional liability coverage for experienced and seasoned physicians and surgeons who are called on for expert witness testimony.

Simply put, it is a stand-alone insurance policy that covers you for your work as an Expert Witness. You purchase coverage that is completely specific to your expert witness functions, as you provide detailed info about when, where, and why you are working as an expert witness, how much money you make in that job, as well as what types of litigation your work encompasses.

While you as the Expert Witness want to provide the best information that you can, not everyone will see that and appreciate your efforts. They may want to question you regarding the compensation that you are receiving for you being an Expert Witness for the other party. They may suggest that any actions and research that you engage in related to the trial but taking place outside of the courtroom are biased or were done in an incompetent manner. Or any other number of reasons that one can imagine is used to not only discredit you as an Expert Witness but also to extract some sort of compensation for the outcome of the court case in which you were the Expert Witness. Protecting yourself from these situations means having the right Expert Witness Policy in force before you get involved as an Expert Witness.

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