Workers Compensation Insurance

Mitigate your risks.

Commercial liability insurance is a must for any Florida business. When your job is to manage employees, clients, suppliers, investors, merchandise, and more, the possibility of accidents with injuries, and potential lawsuits, become prevalent. Commercial liability insurance can help you mitigate risks. Workers compensation policies will help you repay the loyalty of your staff should they become injured and require medical attention.

Get the right coverage for your business size.

The Ostrom Group, LLC can help you determine the right coverage for your business, depending on your needs and your budget. Regardless of the size of your business, you should remain aware of the liability you’re exposing your finances to when you do business. Commercial liability insurance coverage protects your Florida business against the costs of bodily injuries or property damage on your property. We have policy additions to cover things like advertising injury (such as slander or bad Yelp reviews for the purposes of personal revenge), and risks involved with previous legal history. Whatever your circumstances, the Ostrom Group, LLC can help you find the right protections for your business.

Protect your workers and their families.

Workers compensation insurance is required by regulation in most states when you have employees on your payroll. In many states, the requirements may include that you cover your 1099 contractors as well. Workers compensation insurance covers your employees medical and disability expenses incurred by work-related injuries. In some states, owners, officers, partners, and other principles can decline to participate in their own companies’ worker’s compensation coverage. The Ostrom Group, LLC insurance agents can help you determine the right type of coverage for your needs and that will fit your budget. Contact us for more information today!

Who we cover:

  • All businesses that have a liability exposure are more than welcome.

What we cover:

All coverages can be tailored to fit your needs…

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