Flood/Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance

Additional coverages.

The Ostrom Group, LLC is a team of licensed insurance agents that are here to help you secure the best flood, personal umbrella, and excess liability coverage for your budget and needs. Flooding can happen at any time and anywhere, even in zones considered not to be high risk! In areas that are high risk flood zones, you may be required to carry flood insurance. All homeowners, renters and condo owner’s insurance policies, do not protect your home from floods – The National Flood Insurance Program has taken over issuance of flood insurance and coverage must be bought separately. But the good news is that no matter who you purchase flood insurance through, the prices will be the same!

Floods happen in all 50 states.

Common causes of flooding include heavy rains, melting snow, tropical storms, and structural collapse. For many homeowners, flood insurance is a crucial extra layer of protection against catastrophe, and your Vero Beach and other Florida communities have worked with the Ostrom Group, LLC since 1980 – you can too. Our insurance agents can help you navigate the coverage you need and get you the most competitive prices.

Fill in the gaps with an umbrella policy.

A personal umbrella policy provides higher limits of liability insurance for your homeowners and car insurance policies – increased limits of liability are beneficial in the event that an automobile accident or a homeowner’s liability results in an injury leading to a lawsuit. Personal umbrella insurance applies globally, and is for personal risks. A personal umbrella policy can also protect you from personal injury liability, such as for libel, slander, or defamation – things that aren’t typically covered by your other insurance coverages.

Use excess liability to extend your specific policy.

An excess liability policy works very similarly to umbrella policies, and are often referred to as such, but with one distinction: Excess Liability can only be applied to one underlying policy. Talk to one of the agents at the Ostrom Group, LLC to help you determine what type of coverage gives you exactly the peace of mind you’re hoping to secure while meeting your budget. We have competitive prices and knowledgeable staff who, as independent brokers, understand your needs and how to insure them.


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