Professional Liability Insurance

We’re responsive to your needs.

We at the Ostrom Group, LLC take pride in responding quickly to our clients – we work with professionals and organizations like physicians, hospitals, clinics, facilities, and group and clinic practices. Our clients are professionals, and we help in providing them with carefully assessed coverage to meet their insurance needs. All at competitive prices!

We offer malpractice insurance for health care professionals and attorneys.

The Ostrom Group, LLC professional liability insurance programs are available for professional liability and medical malpractice recipients, like nurses, counselors, therapists, pharmacists, technicians, researchers, personal trainer and instructors, and many others allied in the health care industry. At a critical moment in your practice, you could be faced with circumstances that are both beyond your control and detrimental to your business – insure your legacy with professional liability insurance from the Ostrom Group, LLC.

Protect yourself against legal action.

High-profile industries, like law and medicine, attract risk associated with the services those industries provide. Sometimes, even professionals can get it wrong. Sometimes, even when they’re right, professionals have to prove they’re not wrong. By securing a professional malpractice insurance policy from the Ostrom Group, LLC, you can protect yourself against legal action and false claims that threaten your practice, clinic, or career.

We’re experienced.

The Ostrom Group, LLC understands your business, because we are industry licensed agents. Our primary base of insured is physicians, clinicians, and other health care professionals, and we have been providing them with coverage for their professional careers – and their families’ legacies – since 1980. If you are an attorney or doctor in Vero Beach, Florida or any of the surrounding communities, then you can insure your professional practice with the Ostrom Group, LLC. We don’t just sell insurance, we service it – so as your business grows, so will we help you grow your coverage appropriately. Contact one of our professional liability and malpractice insurance agents today for more information on how we can help you protect yourself while you do business.

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